Monday, March 30, 2009

Kerala Travel Guide

Kerala Travel-Tourist Guide is a modest endeavor to make travel in Kerala a fabulously rich experience for tourists all over the world. Kerala with its serene sky, maidenly shyness, calm atmosphere, and incredibly rich greenery is often addressed as God’s Own Country. This beautiful slim lady located at the southern part of India boasts stunning sceneries, virgin foliage, lovely beaches and backwaters with ancient piers.

The gratifying travel experience in Kerala is sure to create a rejuvenating synergy of mind and body. Kerala Travel-Tourist Guide assists in mapping your tour according to your inclination. No two people are the same. In this blog I have sketched the places to visit, listing each district and the cultural history of those places .In order to make travel to my lovely birthplace a life long memory, do go through the travel tips and the beautiful videos.

History of Kerala as a state dates back to November 1st 1959, when Kerala was formally declared as an independent state. According to myth gods gave Parashurama, a monk, a blessing that he can toss his axe into the ocean, and the distance the axe covers up, the land belongs to him. Thus according to this myth Kerala is created by Parashurama. Rich history reveals that Kerala is a cornucopia of culture, art and history and Kerala Travel-Tourist Guide is glad to unlock this cornucopia for you.

Citizens of Kerala, Keralites or Malayalees are cultured and educated. Kerala boasts a literacy rate of 100%. Ladies wearing saree, with jasmine clad long hair and men wearing dhotis are a common view in Kerala. Modern ladies choose salwars or jeans and men go for jeans/pants and shirt. Mother tongue of Keralites is Malayalam but educated Malayalees speak English. World famous Keralites are Rasool Pookkutty, the Oscar Award winner, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Miss World first runner up 2009 and Arundathy Roy, Booker prize winner and author of God of Small Things.

Geography of Kerala is the most impressive part that attracts travelers. Lined by ocean on east and Western Ghats on the west, Kerala’s fabulously rich geography displays a feisty side of travel. The lush greenery and abundant backwaters add to the spirited geography of Kerala.

In Kerala one can savor the peaceful atmosphere and the yummy spicy keralite food. Kerala fish curry is a major cuisine in most of the famous Indian restaurants all over the world. Every day food of Kerala is rice and fish curry. Tapioca and fish is another favorite. Breakfast is usually edli, dosa, puttu or appam. Appam, a favorite of most travelers is a soft white breakfast, similar to pancake in appearance. The official drink of Kerala is tender coconut water, sweet and full of energy. Sambharam(Butter milk) is also a relief in the hot summer.

Sacred ancient temples, stimulating backwaters, luxurious waterfalls, glorious tree houses, graceful dams, exciting theme parks, rich art galleries, royal palaces, elegant forts, serene beaches and excellent trekking opportunities all are major attractions of Kerala. Kerala Travel-Tourist Guide depicts Kerala’s enchanting side to travelers. Kerala, the timeless beauty is calling you its lap full of graceful scenic gifts for you….

Kerala District

Districts in Kerala counts to 14. Thiruvananthapuram being the state capital,ernakulam being the commercial capital and trichur being the cultural capital. In Kerala district section the map of the respective districts with district headquarters,population and area is listed.

Kerala district 1 Thiruvananthapuram

Population: 32,34,707. Area: 2192 sq km

Kerala district 2 Kollam

Population:25,84,118. Area: 2491sq km

Kerala district 3 Pathanamthitta

Population: 12,31,577. Area:2642 sq km

Kerala district 4 Alappuzha

Population: 21,09,160. Area: 1414 sq km

Kerala district 5 Kottayam

Population: 19,53,646. Area: 2203 sq km

Kerala district 6 Idukki

Population:11,29,221. Area: 4476 sq km

Kerala district 7 Ernakulam

Population:31,05,798. Area: 2407 sq km

Kerala district 8 Trichur

Population:29,74,232. Area: 3032 sq km

Kerala district 9 Palakkad

Population:26,17,472.Area: 4480 sq km

Kerala district 10 Malappuram

Population:36,25,471.Area:3550 sq km

Kerala district 11 Kozhikode

Population: 28,79,131. Area:2344 sq km

Kerala district 12 Wayanad

Population: 7,80,619.Area:2131 sq km

Kerala district 13 Kannur/Quilon

Population:24,08,956. Area: 2996 sq km.

Kerala district 14 Kasargode

Population:12,04,078. Area:1992 sq km